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An update from Audrey

A message from Audrey:

Our community singing, here on John Nash Square and immediate surroundings, has its grand finale tonight with 'Twelve Weeks of Lockdown' to the tune of 'Twelve Days of Christmas' (FIVE TOILET ROLLS!) so that will be fun. I've been delivering 36 copies of the song sheets so we'll miss this weekly event.

While we are all spending so much time at home here are some ideas for staying in shape! The two things to practise are: 

(1) Strengthening our diaphragm muscles: Singing any song whatsoever, staccato, to the words 'Ha, ha, ha', with one 'ha' on each note which will mean you can feel the diaphragm moving each time.  Pull the tummy muscles in before you start the phrase and hold them there to support the diaphragm - the essential technique for drawing out the notes to their full length, as Jack often encourages us to do in slower, legato passages. 

(2) Sing any song whatsoever to the words 'Ma, ma, ma' so you feel a buzz around the sinus area (and for this one it doesn't matter how many notes are fitted to each syllable); then sing the proper words still feeling that buzz, i.e. keeping the sound placed in the same way.  

Good luck!


And here’s a video of Audrey singing Pie Jesu, in honour of all those who have died, from her balcony earlier in the lockdown.  Not quite a Romeo and Juliet balcony - she had to climb out of her window.

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