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Hail! Smiling Morn Video!

Hi Everyone!

Here it is, the debut video of the Spires Home Orchestra & Chorus! It was quite fiddly to put together but totally worth it as it brought a HUGE smile to my face and hope it will bring one to yours as well.

A few lessons learned from the experience, and I hope to do another one soon. Perhaps something slow, beautiful and contemplative (1. for variety and 2. I think we can get an even more harmonious sound and we can revel in the beauty of it). Keeps your eyes peeled!

And for those that were nervous and didn't take part in this process why not talk to someone who did? Once you get the hang of the tech it isn't so bad and as you can see everyone looks like they're having so much fun!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy!


Soprano: Carolyn Howarth, Fiona Beynon, Gabrielle Emonds-Baker, Jackie Pritchard, Marion Thompson, Sue Claydon, Janet Snoad, Kath Hardy, Sheila WIlson

Alto: Corrine Steel, Gabrielle Emonds-Baker, Helen Atwood, Janet Snoad, Janis Raishbrook, Kath Hardy, Margaret Lloyd, Sheila Mason, Penny Turnball

Tenor: Jo Seale

Bass: Gordon Yates, John Lloyd, Meurig Beynon

Clarinet: Denise Pandya, Morag Clark, Sue Claydon

Horn: Anton Rosenfeld, Becky Grier

Tuba: Peter Latham

Violin: Alistair Kennedy, Helen Holinrake

Viola: Mark Aitchison, Alistair Kennedy

Cello: Seb Lovell-Huckle

Bass: Gabrielle Emonds-Baker

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