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Bevan the Baking Bear

A message from Carolyn Howarth:

My lockdown project has been writing a weekly bedtime story for my two grandchildren, 7 and 4, which I read to them every Tuesday evening.  After Oliver died I found his old teddy in a drawer, so so he is the hero of all the stories.  He is rather battered and has been mended, darned, stuffed and re-clothed many times - he must be nearly 80 years old.  His name is Bevan - one such mending produced a little row of teeth, looking like dentures.  After the war when free false teeth were available they were called 'Bevans' after the NHS founder.  Bevan gets into all sorts of scrapes, likes to think things out in his own head, has a good line in terrible jokes, and a lovely bearitone voice - just like his owner.  And my neighbour Lynn illustrates them for me, so here is 'Bevan the Baking Bear' - you can imagine what an awful mess the kitchen was in after this episode! I'd be happy to supply the story to match (1xA4 side, takes 5 minutes to read aloud) if anyone is interested.

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