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Friday 21 March, 2014


Archived details of Spires Music's previous concerts can be accessed from this page.

15th April 2006 - Holy Trinity, Coventry
July 2006 - Coventry Memorial Park (Godiva Festival)
9th September 2006 - Methodist Central Hall, Coventry
11th November 2006 - Coventry Cathedral
7th April 2007 - Holy Trinity, Coventry
20th April 2007 - Methodist Central Hall, Coventry
29th September 2007 - Holy Trinity Church, Coventry
22nd March 2008 - Holy Trinity Church, Coventry
June 2008 - Earlsdon, Coventry
16th November 2008 - King Henry VIII School, Coventry
11th April 2009 - Holy Trinity Church, Coventry
13th June 2009 - Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
18th July 2009 - Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
31st October 2009 - King Henry VIII School, Coventry
6th February 2010 - Holy Trinity Church, Coventry
3rd April 2010 - Holy Trinity Church, Coventry
19th June 2010 - Belgrade Theatre B2, Coventry
23rd April 2011 - Holy Trinity Church, Coventry
11th November 2011 - Holy Trinity Church, Coventry
3rd January 2012 - Spires Youth Orchestra, Leamington Spa Town Hall
4th February 2012 - King Henry VIII School, Coventry
23rd March 2012 - St Peter's Church, Leamington Spa (Chamber Orchestra with Musica Sacra)
7th April 2012 - Spires Youth Orchestra, Holy Trinity Church, Long Itchington
14th April 2012 - Holy Trinity Church, Coventry
16th June 2012 - Holy Trinity Church, Coventry: Choose the Light Concert
Tuesday 10th July 2012 - SYO concert with Synergy
Saturday 14th July 2012 - SYO invitational appearance at Bagington Prom in the Park (7.30pm)
23rd November 2013 - Holy Trinity Church, Coventry
8th February 2014 - SPO and King Henry VIII Players: King Henry VIII School, Coventry
16th March 2014 - SYO at Lawrence Sherrif School, Rugby


Review of concert at King Henry VIII School on 31st October 2009 from the Leamington Courier
Review of SYO concert in Leamington Town Hall on 3rd January 2012 from the Leamington Courier